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October 29, 2020
12:01:02 PM (EDT)

4:01:02 AM (UTC)
Absolute date: 737,727
Day 303 and Second 26,179,262 of current year
57 shopping days until Christmas

Phase of moon: full
Age of moon: 2 days (until next full moon)

For Cleveland (EDT)
Sun rise: 7:56 AM, set: 6:25 PM (today)
Sun rise: 7:57 AM, set: 6:24 PM (tomorrow)

Julian Day

Julian Calendar
October 16, 2020

ISO Calendar
Day 04 of Week 44 of Year 2020

World Calendar
Sunday, October 29, 2020

Hebrew Calendar
11 Cheshvan 5781

Islamic Calendar
Rabi I 12, 1442

Mayan Calendars
Long Count:
Haab (Civil): 10 Zac
Tzolkin (Religious): 11 Manik

French Revolutionary
Time: 0:00:72
Décade I, Oxtidi de Brumaire de l'Année 229 de la Révolution

Babah 19, 1737

Teqemt 19, 2013

Aban 08, 1399

14th day of Knowledge, B.E. 177

Events for 10/29

Richard Dreyfuss (73 years ago)
Kate Jackson (72 years ago)

Sir Walter Raleigh (402 years ago)
Jean le Rond D'Alembert (237 years ago)
Leon Czolgosz (electrocuted) (119 years ago)
Joseph Pulitzer (109 years ago)

1st College Fraternity founded (187 years ago)
International Committee of the Red Cross founded (157 years ago)
"Black Tuesday" (Stock Market crash) (91 years ago)

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